Virtual (Telehealth) Sessions

I currently exclusively offer virtual therapy sessions for adolescents, adults, and couples. Please reach out to me at 718-909-0380 to discuss which platform (telephone, video sessions, etc.) can work for you.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves an initial phase of identifying a client’s concerns, clarifying how I can help, and talking about how therapy with me typically proceeds. My therapeutic approach is flexible, yet I tend to focus on helping clients better understand what they truly want and do not want out of life and helping them to identify the thoughts, feelings, and actions that support or hinder their ability to achieve their goals. Trust, optimism, and actual skills are developed that allow clients to explore new ways to realize personal and interpersonal fulfillment. In my opinion, the best therapy reflects an on-going effort to improve communication. Sometimes it is challenging and sometimes it feels easier and more enjoyable; always it should be helpful. I strive to create an environment that encourages clients to talk to me about anything. goals and outcomes are talked about on an ongoing basis, helping to ensure the clients stated needs and presenting problems are addressed.

Individual therapy sessions last 55 minutes and the fee is $250.00. I offer a free brief telephone consultation to prospective clients.

Couples Therapy 

The pressures that couples face can be extremely complex and challenging. We each bring into our close relationships individual histories, including the histories of past relationships. In my view, successful couples weather the inevitable storms of modern life through a combination of compassion, communication, honesty, affection, and role flexibility. Maintaining positive feelings and working through problems as a unit, however, can be quite difficult as old hurts linger and new challenges mount. Working with a therapist experienced in such complex dynamics means that a neutral third party can hear and address concerns in a balanced and sympathetic manner.

More and more, couples face challenges related to conflicting lifestyle and career goals, differing parenting styles, infidelity, and relationship stress related to infertility. Open communication about these differences, redefining individual and partnership goals and roles, and healing the wounds of mistrust can have profound positive effects on future satisfaction and growth.

I am available to work with couples on a weekly basis. Couples sessions last 55 minutes. The fee is $250.00 per session. I offer a free brief telephone consultation to any prospective couple.


Consultation is a psychological service that does not involve psychotherapy, nor does it involve the client being provided with a diagnosis. It involves using my expertise to answer a broad range of specific client questions for which they seek the opinion of a psychologist. For example, consultation can help with referrals, advisement on options for appropriate mental health care, helping to troubleshoot work-related problems, crisis management, and providing a second opinion. My consultation fee is $250.00 per 60-minute session.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is sought by clients seeking an accurate and reliable psychiatric diagnosis as well as a description of the client’s strengths and challenges. Clients also benefit from accompanying professional recommendations related to intervention and treatment. Although a wide range of psychological questions can be answered, clinical questions often are related to the possible presence of diagnosable mental disorders, cognitive and neuropsychological functioning (e.g., executive functions, memory and intelligence), disruptive and impulsive behavior, academic performance, and career planning.

Psychological testing begins with a two-hour structured clinical interview. In about a week following that interview, the client is provided with a document comprising a brief report and estimate. this document serves as a summary of the problems with which the client presents, as well as the tests needed and costs required to answer those clinical questions. The clinical interview and brief report cost $1,000.00. This reflects a fee of $250.00 for approximately four hours of time needed to conduct the interview and write the report.

The total cost of any psychological testing that may follow varies widely from client-to-client and only can be estimated once a clinical interview has been conducted. In some cases, records and other documents may be requested of the client.

If the client decides not to proceed with formal testing, the brief report and estimate is theirs to keep for their records. It is important to note that the brief report may not include any diagnoses, as it may be the case that diagnostic decisions require formal testing to ensure accuracy and reliability. If the client agrees to proceed with formal testing, 50% of the cost (described in the brief report and estimate) is required the day formal testing begins. The balance of the cost of testing is due at the time the client receives the completed written evaluation.